Saturday, 5 January 2013

Woof Woof.

Hello Blogville.

Sorry i didn't catch up with you all yesterday but the humins are back at football training so thats takes up most of our weekend.

I have a free few minutes now though while mum makes dinner.

Today has been busy.  We took the middle humin to football this morning so that was 2 hours playtime for me and Kora, wooohooo,

When we got home dad took us outside to do som ework on the new basement, I love when he does that as I get to play in the mud pile he has dug out!

We also put up another fence, this is so that Mums daycare dogs have there own bit and Kora and I can have our own bit when we get too rough.  Im never rough on purpose though mum says.  Its just because im a big boy at 30" and really clumsy and sometimes dogs just need a break from me.

So dinners ready. Will catch up with all of you tomorrow.
Relaxing.It looks sunny but its cold

Kora posing in the mud!



  1. Oh yes mud puddles are fun fun fun.

  2. Ohhhhhhh, playing in the mud, yes, when the rainin season hits it's PARTY TIME, then baths. That Kora, she working on being a model or what! Heeheehee
    Don't woryy about not getting around every day, we can't do it, they crazy peeps work, whats up with that nonsence!

    Your Pals
    Susie & bites

  3. Kora mud glorious mud, we are swamped with over here. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Sounds like the perfect day to me - We LOVE seeing dobbies with tail and normal ears Mom hates it her in the USA when they dock tails and crop doesn't look natural. Back in Australia where she is from they banned those things many years ago and when she had a dobbie he looked just like you guys.

    1. My ears and tail cut Oh my DAWG no way!

      I tried to find your blog but it says i dont have access


  5. It sounds like a busy Saturday! I hope today is a good day as well with some time to perhaps relax!

    PS: Thank-you for stopping by my blog, I'm enjoying getting to know you!

  6. U look good in ur pikshers. :)

  7. .,Woof! Woof! looks you have a great day over there., have fun....

    Heated Dog Bed

  8. Oooh, playing in the mud is FUN! Momma doesn't let me do it much, but I love it when I get the chance!

  9. Hellos, I is Puddles and I seen you around so I thoughted I would come by to introduce myself. I do believes you is da only Doberman heres in Blogville...AWESOME!
    Anyways, I is a mud gorl too. I loves to dig and gets all dirty...mum,, not so much but who cares.

    So glad to sees a Doberman with no cropped ears or tail...actually, I has nevers seen dat.


  10. Hehehe...sorry maybe I should has warned you furst but I is all okays now. I lead an interestin' life what can I say.
    Thanks fur coming by and I promise next time it won't be a kerazy post...well, it will be kerazy I is sures but nuttin' life threatenin.