Monday, 21 January 2013

Hey blogville. GUESS WHAT???

Sorry I have been AWOL., but stuff has been happening around here and I have finally made it on to tell you all what it is.

Are you ready for this.............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

We got a new sister.  She is 8 weeks old and a Patterdale Terrier and shes brown.
Mum called her Karis. Crazy name but she like to keep the K and C names for the dogs.
So far we have had Keela, Cass, Me Cayden:) Kora and now Karis.

So thats the gossip.  I will pop back tomorrow and show all some pics.

Take care friends


Friday, 11 January 2013

See Beautiful

I love this pic.  The night before we let out First Doberman Keela go to the bridge.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Woof Woof.

Hello Blogville.

Sorry i didn't catch up with you all yesterday but the humins are back at football training so thats takes up most of our weekend.

I have a free few minutes now though while mum makes dinner.

Today has been busy.  We took the middle humin to football this morning so that was 2 hours playtime for me and Kora, wooohooo,

When we got home dad took us outside to do som ework on the new basement, I love when he does that as I get to play in the mud pile he has dug out!

We also put up another fence, this is so that Mums daycare dogs have there own bit and Kora and I can have our own bit when we get too rough.  Im never rough on purpose though mum says.  Its just because im a big boy at 30" and really clumsy and sometimes dogs just need a break from me.

So dinners ready. Will catch up with all of you tomorrow.
Relaxing.It looks sunny but its cold

Kora posing in the mud!


Thursday, 3 January 2013

Another Day

woof woof, need to be quick before mum gets back.!

So today started off as a normal day until mum bundled me into the car with the brats.  Now if i go out with the brats it can either mean fun or shopping.  I was seriously hoping fun.

So we got to our destination and I was let loose woohooo, we went to the beach. She always leaves a long line on me though as sometimes I have a tendency to do my own thing.!

 Mum dropped the big black thing she uses with the lights on it to take pictures of me.  She wasn't happy and lost all her settings. whatever that means.

She still made me pose though and the light flashed a few times so at least it was still working.

I love my beach.  What made it even better is she took my frisbee,  I'm not very brave though and didn't get my paws wet.  Don't want to get the seats in the car dirty(sssshhh thats just my excuse)

Is really cold here today so my beach was quite empty. I wish Kora had come with us today but she had went away early this morning with dad to work. She likes to go to work with him, but I find it a bit boring and make lots of noise.  My noise worked though because now I don't go with him very often.

I just put up with the 3 annoying brats instead, thats wake me up, push me off my chair, and stand on my tail.
They do feed me loads of treats though so I always stay close to them.

Off for a nap now before mum comes back to check her ebay stuff.


Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Ok.not 100% wordless, but it looks like this is what we are meant to do.

This blogging is woof tastic

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

This is where I take over.....

So while looking over my mums shoulder recently and reading posts I found that alot of Blogville is written by fur friends.
So why was my mum writing and not me?  What does she think these paws were for? scratching!!

So here I am Cayden the Dobe.  I live with my dobe sister who may at some point get to take over the laptop, but for the time being its all mine!.

This blogville thing looks real good and I cant wait to make some Pawtastic friends and take part in events and competitions.

Mum said that for the new year she was going to start taking me extra long walks.  Not sure why, the walks I normally go tire me enough, she said something about her getting exercise though.  Why I have to be involved I have no idea.

Anyway we started of this morning and guess what????  It was just me and my mum, she didn't bring Kora with us.  It was so good to have fun just me and mum.  Maybe this will be a good thing after all.

Well paw friends I am going to go just now and catch up on my Beauty Sleep  Sleep and then check out the rest of this new world and find some more friends.

Have a Paw tastic Day.