Monday, 31 December 2012


I have been asked to introduce our Fur babies to you. Up until November we had 3 Dobermans, but sadly Cass went of to the bridge and the age of 10 and we are still adjusting to life with the other two.

Firstly we have Cayden.  Date of Birth: 28.01.10

Cayden is a big boy and incredible silly.  He is scared on any insects, flys and anything that makes a buzzing noise!
Extremely loyal and likes nothing better than following the boys around.

Kora is a standard size Doberman Bitch.  She is also a bitch in every sense!.  Date of Birth:21.12.10

Scared of nothing, rules the roost and takes no nonsense. Kora is also my show girl.

So there you have my blogville fur babies!

Its Nearly 2013......

So here in Scotland we have around 8 hours left of 2012.  This year has been busy busy busy.

I started up my dog walking business officially and it has been non stop.

Our house doubled in size with adding an extension to it.(loads more cleaning now though!)

Less words however,we know everyone loves pics.

We ran and stretched
we tried to get on the trampoline
we mastered the trampoline
digging the foundations of the house
snuggle time
Goose sang in a production
Iceman had tantrums

Sunday, 30 December 2012

New Year(nearly) New Blog

So it's nearly the start of a new year so I have decided to start a new blog with very good intentions of keeping it up to date.
Even if I am all alone at writing and reading this I will have something to look back on in months/years to come!

I don't normally make new years resolutions but this year I have decided to make a few.

1)  Save money each week and put it onto a separate account.

2) Walk the dogs a bit more each day than normal.

3) Have Christmas presents organised before the beginning of December so that I am not still wrapping things on Christmas Eve.

4) Remember all family members birthdays and at least send them a card!

5) Do a project 365, taking a photo each day.

So nothing difficult in the list, but I really hope I can do it.

So what's your resolutions for 2013.  If you have any please do share.